Sarah Bond
Image: Xbox

It's been another big week for team Xbox with the latest announcement of a Microsoft reshuffle which sees some familiar faces promoted.

Perhaps the biggest changes apart from Activision Blizzard, are the promotions of two execs. As noted in the initial announcement, Matt Booty is now 'president of game content and studios' including overseeing Bethesda, and Bond takes on the role of 'president of Xbox', overseeing hardware and software teams.

If you're wondering about the structure of the rest of the Xbox leadership team, Microsoft has shared the following graphic:

Microsoft Xbox Leadership Structure 2023
Image: Image via Tom Warren, The Verge / Microsoft

As we've already noted, Bobby Kotick is set to step down from his role as Activision Blizzard CEO at the end of this year.

In the original memo sent out by Phil Spencer, he mentioned how employees of Xbox and Microsoft would hear from their leader in the "coming days" and whether the changes "may or may not impact" their work. There'll also be an internal discussion about the evolution of Microsoft and Xbox taking place at the end of the month on 30th October.

You can catch up on the restructure in the original story:

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