Talking Point: One Month On From Launch, How Are You Feeling About Starfield?

Believe it or not, it's been a whole month since the long-awaited Starfield arrived on Xbox Game Pass. It's been a busy month that's flown by, but we have no doubt that in the time since launch, many of you in the Pure Xbox community have been putting plenty of time into Xbox's huge open world RPG.

So... how are you feeling about it one month on from release? Shortly after the game launched we asked you to give us your early ratings, but have things changed since then? Has the game improved or dropped off since we last checked in?

This writer hasn't had chance to put too much time in since our early poll (it's been a busy month, OK?!) but some of us here at Pure Xbox HQ have been exploring the cosmos a lot in recent weeks - enjoying all that Bethesda's new title has to offer.

The game certainly remains a part of the 'conversation' anyway, we're still seeing lots of chatter about it across various social media sites and Reddit, etc. - fans are continuing to explore this huge game and everything hidden within it!

Anyway, drop your updated thoughts on Starfield in the comments down below. Has your initial score changed? Are you still unsure on it a month after launch?

Let us know your one-month-later thoughts about Starfield!