2023 has been an amazing year in the world of video games, and one of the biggest success stories so far has been Bethesda and Xbox's open-world space RPG, Starfield.

After its arrival at the beginning of this month, it's already become Bethesda's biggest game launch ever ahead of the Fallout and Elder Scrolls series, and now the latest update from the team reveals its player base has surpassed the 10 million mark.

Starfield was launched on Xbox Series X|S and PC. Along with this, it was also released as a "day one" Game Pass title. While there's no sales breakdown, there's no doubt a lot of explorers playing this new Bethesda title on Microsoft's video game subscription service who haven't actually purchased it yet.

In saying this, sales appear to have got off to a fantastic start, with the title trending on platforms like Steam and the 'Premium Edition Upgrade' also becoming the best-selling item on the Xbox Store prior to the game's release. Our own review here at Pure Xbox heavily praised Bethesda's new RPG, mentioning how we'll be playing and replaying this one for a very long time:

How are you finding this game so far? Are you one of the 10 million explorers? Tell us in the comments below.