Poll: Which Of These Is Your Favourite Arkane Game On Xbox?

We can't lie - we are a little disappointed by Redfall in its current state. While we think there's a good game underneath some of its teething problems, we were hoping for a bit more from one of our favourite development teams in Arkane.

The game's rocky launch has got us thinking more about the team's back catalogue though, and how we should probably replay one or two of these after so many years! Dishonored is just an all time great, with its sequel and 2017's Prey also being must-play experiences in our view.

What's more, all of the games mentioned here are available on Xbox Game Pass as Microsoft now owns the dev team, so there's really no excuse for us to not give these another whirl. A Dishonored & Dishonored 2 back-to-back playthrough? Sounds like a mighty fine idea to us.

While we're on the topic of Arkane and its fantastic library of titles, which is your favourite? We did pose this question last year prior to Deathloop's launch, but we thought we'd revisit it post-Redfall - this time sticking purely to Xbox Game Pass.

For this writer it would have to be the first Dishonored, although Prey is definitely worth a shout - and we know how much our resident reviewer PJ loves Deathloop!

Vote in the poll down below and tell us why it's your top pick in the comments section.

Which Of These Is Your Favourite Arkane Game Pass Title? (866 votes)

  1. Dishonored (Definitive Edition)26%
  2. Dishonored 215%
  3. Prey28%
  4. Dishonored: Death of the Outsider (Standalone DLC)  0.8%
  5. Deathloop14%
  6. Redfall16%