The official Xbox podcast has treated us to a bit of exclusive information this weekend, as a chat with a couple of developers behind Deathloop has revealed that the game officially takes place in the same world as Dishonored.

Many fans had expected as such, and Arkane's Dinga Bakaba finally confirmed it on the show:

"We envision Deathloop to be happening in the future after [Dishonored:] Death of the Outsider."

"There are a lot of clues actually in the game. There are some that are obvious, but there are a lot of small, things, and some that were under people's noses all the time..."

You can check out the full discussion about this in the timestamped video above.

If you haven't tried it yet, we highly recommend checking out Deathloop on Xbox Game Pass! We've been playing the Xbox Series X version for a few weeks now, and awarded it a rare 10/10 ("Outstanding") score in our review:

Surprised by this confirmation, or did you suspect it the entire time? Let us know in the comments below.