Poll: What Score Would You Give Immortals Fenyx Rising On Xbox Game Pass?

One of the highlights of last month's Xbox Game Pass lineup was Ubisoft's Immortals Fenyx Rising - in fact, you recently told us that it was your favourite Game Pass addition in August 2022 by quite some distance!

We're fully in agreement that Immortals Fenyx Rising is a really great surprise in the Ubisoft library, offering up a Breath of the Wild style open world adventure that we've been enjoying extensively for the past couple of years now.

In our review from back in 2020, we gave it a "Great" 8/10 rating. Here's a snippet:

"Immortals Fenyx Rising undoubtedly owes a huge debt to The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, borrowing wholesale as it does from its core gameplay mechanics and narrative structure.

However, what Ubisoft Quebec has come up with here also adds enough of its own spin on proceedings, with a strong personality and sense of humour sat alongside some brilliantly designed puzzles, flashy, satisfying combat and a huge world full of secrets, treasures and Ancient Greek mythology to discover."

Of course, with the game joining Xbox Game Pass recently, many more players are finally able to get hands-on with it, so we're interested to know what score you'd personally give the game based on what you've played so far.

PS: Don't forget that Immortals Fenyx Rising is also part of the Pure Xbox Game Club this month!

What'll it be? What score would you give Immortals Fenyx Rising on Xbox Game Pass?

What Score Would You Give Immortals Fenyx Rising?