Poll: What Do You Think To Xbox's Minecraft Legends So Far?

A new Minecraft game is out now on Xbox Game Pass! No, we're not talking 'Minecraft 2' or anything of the sort, but Xbox has just delivered its latest series spin-off following 2020's Minecraft Dungeons. And, we want to know how you're all finding Minecraft Legends so far.

We thought the game was pretty good fun during our hands on time with Legends leading up to launch. It's definitely something that benefits from co-op play for sure, but overall, we had a super duper time with Minecraft's take on a nice, welcoming RTS title earlier this month.

Generally speaking, reviews across the board were pretty mixed, with the average score falling just about in line with our own 7/10 rating. We've not seen too many fan reactions so far though, so we're keen to gauge your opinions!

Have you had a chance to play this one yet? If so, what do you make of it so far? Remember, Minecraft Legends is one of the biggest Xbox Game Pass drops of the month so far - it's of course playable at no extra cost for subscribers.

Vote in the poll down below and tell us what you think of Minecraft Legends so far!

What Do You Think To 'Minecraft Legends' So Far? (249 votes)

  1. It's amazing, the best Minecraft game yet!14%
  2. It's good yeah, another worthy Minecraft spin-off31%
  3. It's okay so far16%
  4. Meh, I don't rate it compared to the other Minecraft games6%
  5. I'm not liking it all from what I've played of it!10%
  6. I have no interest in trying out Minecraft Legends22%