Microsoft's Acquisition Of Bethesda Is Starting To Add Amazing Value To Xbox Game Pass

2023 really is going to be the year of Bethesda on Xbox Game Pass isn't it? Hi-Fi RUSH has started the year off with a bang, delivering a huge Tango-flavoured surprise for Xbox fans, and the year of Bethesda & Xbox clicking into gear is only just getting started.

Xbox's Developer Direct showcase also planted another Bethesda-flown flag firmly into the crust of 2023: the much anticipated arrival of Arkane's Redfall. This one has been announced for a while now — quite the opposite to Hi-Fi RUSH — and we finally have a date for it. Xbox's next Bethesda + Game Pass marriage arrives May 2nd.

Well, we say 'next' but we probably shouldn't jump too far into the future; May is a ways off and Bethesda isn't going away for that long. It hasn't been revealed yet, due to game's PS5-exclusivity clause, but Tango's Ghostwire Tokyo is almost certainly arriving on Xbox Game Pass this March as well. After all, Xbox Series X|S mentions have already been spotted within some of the game's artwork at Bethesda HQ!

You might be thinking, 'my word, what else is there?' Errrm, well, there's a small Bethesda game that features both stars and fields set for a 2023 launch also. The official word remains the "first half of 2023" for Starfield, and we must admit, we're becoming increasingly skeptical of that becoming a reality. Still, we're confident it's arriving this year, so there's another Bethesda Game Pass partnership for the list!

The thing is, we're not even a full month into 2023 yet, so who knows what else is in store. We now know Bethesda is capable of a banging Game Pass shadow drop out of absolutely nowhere, so we can't rule any more of those out. id Software last launched a game almost three years ago... imagine a Quake reboot shadow drop?! Be still, heart.

We're just about kidding with that last suggestion, but even so, Xbox has confirmed another E3-time showcase is coming shortly after its planned Starfield Developer Direct. Could we see even more of the company on Xbox Game Pass this year? If so, it'll turn out to be an unbelievable 2023 for Xbox and Bethesda.

So, yeah, while we're all getting a little sick and tired of the ongoing Activision Blizzard shenanigans, let's be reminded of the positivity these sorts of deals can bring for Xbox fans. Four big Bethesda games arriving on Xbox Game Pass in one year? We're being spoilt, and you know what, we deserve it!

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Which 2023 Bethesda Game Pass Title Are You Most Excited By?