Ghostwire Tokyo Xbox Series X

Who's hyped for the next Bethesda game on Xbox Series X and S?! While a lot of recent chatter has been centred around the company's upcoming pair of exclusives in Starfield and Redfall, there is one other Bethesda title we're due to get in the coming months, and the game's first official Xbox mention has been spotted.

Current PS5 exclusive Ghostwire: Tokyo came to PlayStation back in March. Much like Deathloop, the game has a one-year exclusivity window on PlayStation, meaning it can hit Xbox anytime from March 25th, 2023. It's looking like Bethesda will be keen to bring Ghostwire over as soon as possible; the company already has Xbox Series X|S mentioned as part of its new office wall art!

Deathloop arrived on Xbox Series X and S, and as part of Xbox Game Pass, pretty much straight after the game's one-year exclusivity window passed. It's safe to say we can expect a similar timeframe for Ghostwire: Tokyo if this new HQ decor is anything to go by. Early 2023 is starting to look pretty busy on Xbox!

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