Microsoft Orders Sony To Attend Activision Blizzard Court Hearing This Summer

Things are getting real now! As part of Xbox's ongoing tussle over the acquisition of Activision Blizzard, Microsoft has issued a subpoena to Sony - summoning the PlayStation owner to attend an FTC court hearing this summer.

According to a new filing in the overall case, Microsoft issued the legal order on January 17th, expecting a response from Sony by January 20th. On that closing date, the PlayStation owner asked for a one week extension, which is thought to have been granted by the court.

The full details of what the hearing itself will go over haven't been disclosed, with both Microsoft and Sony reportedly still discussing what exactly will be brought forward in the case - set for August 2nd. It's been suggested that Sony might be asked to provide information about its production capabilities.

Microsoft is apparently still in the "fact discovery stage" of preparing its court defense. Essentially, the Xbox owner is still gathering all the information it feels it needs to make this a successful hearing for the company.

While these findings focus on the US and the FTC, Xbox is also fighting the fight over in Europe. Earlier this month, a report claimed that the EU Commission was preparing a "charge sheet" in relation to the deal.

Do you expect this to be a smooth case? Or will we see more twists and turns? Let us know your thoughts.