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Experience Inc. Confirms Two New Japan-Developed Xbox One Exclusive RPGs - Both Headed for Worldwide Launch

Posted by Ken Barnes

RPG fans rejoice!

During a recent Ustream event, the CEO of Experience In., Hajime Chikami, talked about two new titles that are in development by the company for Xbox One.

Chikami mentioned that while it's difficult to release Xbox One exclusives in Japan (presumably due to the low install base), releasing digitally worldwide via the Xbox Games Store is easy. Chikami confirmed that this means the two games they're developing are 100% definitely coming to the West with full English translations.

The first title is Stranger of Sword City, which was originally released for Xbox 360, PC, and PlayStation Vita. The Xbox One release is a new version complete with a whole new art style. Chikami said that after taking advice from some publishers the company has worked with before, they came up with some new designs for characters. You can see some of the changes below, with the original on the left and the new design on the right.

You will be able to use the original art style in-game, if you prefer. The game itself is a dungeon crawling RPG and the original picked up high praise from Japanese publication Famitsu, with its four reviewers giving it 8/9/8/7 for a total of 32/40.

Stranger of Sword City is set to launch between January and March 2016.

The second game Chikami announced is a little further off. Going by the working title of Students of Round 2, it will also be an RPG, although the company is still nailing down some of the final design decisions. They've mentioned that they're looking at making it a tactical RPG along the lines of Shining Force or Fire Emblem. The game is planned to launch between April 2016 and March 2017.

Both titles will be exclusive to Xbox One.

Thanks - as always - to lifelower for the information.


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Souldin said:

'Chikami mentioned that while it's difficult to release Xbox One exclusives in Japan (presumably due to the low install base), releasing digitally worldwide via the Xbox Games Store is easy.'

This comment makes me worried that the game is only receiving a digital release over here. I much prefer getting my games physically, though it does seem like I certainly will have to get an external hard drive for my Xbox One sooner rather than later.

In any case, I had a quick look at Stranger of Sword City, and I'm on the fence with it. The art looks lovely, and it does look to be glorious turn based gameplay available on the Xbox One, but the characters and fighting all look rather static. I guess that is a but a smaller matter; I shall consider Stranger of Sword City a maybe for now.

As for the other game, Students of Round 2, I think I'll be passing on that one. I'm terrible at tactical RPGs, and while I've enjoyed the characters and stories of them, my lack of ability with the gameplay proves a hindrance.

Overall though, this news of more RPGs coming to the Xbox systems is always wonderful news to receive. I hope the Xbox One will be able to receive even more in future.



lifelower said:

@Souldin Very likely a digital only. Chikami said there're several hurdles to get over, like minimum guaranteed rate and local subsidiaries/partners, if they release games physically in the west, but digital release solves them.

And with Students of Round 2, tactical RPG is one of plans, and dungeon crawling RPG is also a plan. He mentioned there is another great plan but he kept it secret for some reason.



Utena-mobile said:

I'm glad we can swap back and forth between the two art styles. I like them both equally, but it would be a shame to let the original style disappear.
This information on the two games makes me a bit more optimistic about Xbone's Alt-TGS showing.

It probably feels a bit static because it's a dungeon-crawling JRPG (a sub-genre within JRPG) and closer to Wizardry, Etrian Odyssey and Demon Gaze rather than Final Fantasy or the Tales of series. If Japan gets a physical disc with English subtitle option I'll try to import it.



zerotheclown said:

I'm sold on both of them already and will grab them day one, be it physical or digital. All I want for christmas is some R P Gs!



KelticDevil said:

I am not big on dungeon crawlers, but I love strategy-RPG's. I may check these out when they release.

Also, I prefer the original artwork WAY more than that awful anime look. Thankfully, they are leaving the original look in the game.



JaxonH said:

Did... somebody just say Fire Emblem? That's all I need to know.

Count me in.

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