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First Stage - Resident Evil Revelations

Posted by Ken Barnes

Check out the horror that's on the way...

The 3DS title Resident Evil Revelations has been given a HD makeover, and is set to be released on May 24th.

Alongside the obvious visual uprgades, a new co-op mode that takes place in the story mode's levels - entitled "Raid" - is included, along with a few other bits and pieces of extra content. With the game being the last Resi title to seemingly gain unanimous acclaim, we've been looking forward to this one for a while.

So, we sat down with the final version of the game, played through the game's prologue, and posted it over on our YouTube Channel for you to check out. Trailers and screenshots can only do so much, but pure, uninterrupted gameplay is what we love - so we figured that our readers might love it, too. Check it out!

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Vincent294 said:

Looks notably more detailed than my 3DS. Namely the character models. The environments look smoother and less pixelated than on my 3DS's screen too. You missed some ammo on the left around 2:50, or maybe I'm thinking of Raid Mode's ammo placement.



Gamer83 said:

Loved it on the 3DS and I'll be picking it up again on PS3 so I can have most of the main games (except for Zero) on one system. It's an excellent game, I highly recommend it to any RE-loving PS3, 360 and Wii U owners especially those who haven't played it on 3DS. I'm thinking the Wii U version should be the definitive one since the gamepad will allow it to play basically the same as the 3DS version with prettier graphics.



Anthinator said:

Not too sure how this will be received on consoles but I loved the 3DS game. Raid mode was a welcome post-play addition that should transition well across the new platforms.
However, I worry that the negative reaction to RE6 has put many gamers off of the franchise.



Tasuki said:

Awesome game indeed. I just played through the game one more time before I traded in a few months ago to get Monster Hunter for the 3DS so I am good for now. Might pick up it up again on either the Xbox or Wii U when I get the itch to play it again.

I agree with Gamer83 if you haven't played this one yet and you own a PS3, Wii U or Xbox 360 you need to get it.

Oh and at least this time we will have two analog sticks without having to buy an add on.



Vincent294 said:

@Anthinator Me too. I actually liked RE6, but it did fall short of my expectations after playing Revelations. I played it on my 3DS today, & the graphics always impress me. If there's a demo on the 360, I can't imagine how it would look on a TV.

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