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Kinect, PlayStation Eye and Wii All Mount Your TV

Posted by James Newton

Why change?

CTA Digital's Kinect wall mount and TV clip lets you easily switch between the sensor and Sony's PlayStation Eye for PlayStation Move, but if that's just too much like hard work — or you have a Nintendo Wii too — then dreamGear's Trimount might be for you.

The enormous mount lets you stack your Kinect, Eye camera and Wii sensor bar on top of your TV, or wall mount it for extra out-of-the-way-ness.

At $29.99, the mount certainly isn't cheap, but it may be worth it considering the amount of black plastic gadget-swapping multi-format motion gamers have to go through just to switch consoles.


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abINC4L said:

But what if you only own 2 of them? Although I have a feeling eventually my dad will get a Move :P

Blah, we have no where to mount that anyways, haha.



d20Dark said:

That is horrible to look at. I mean, if it works... that's fine. I can see the use for one of these things but... it sure ain't pretty.

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