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Dazza commented on First Impressions: Fruit Ninja Kinect:

I love a bit of Fruit Ninja on the iPad, I can see how this would be a perfect fit for Kinect too. Thanks for the hands-on impressions @Damo - I'm really looking forward to this now!



Dazza commented on Review: Child of Eden (Xbox 360):

Wow this sounds great. I'm glad it lived up to expectations. I'm a big fan of Rez so I'll be sure to get this soon. Thanks for the review Jon



Dazza commented on Hardware Impressions: Official Kinect Sensor W...:

I think this is pretty slick if you're looking for a permanent solution for fixing your Kinect above your beautiful wall mounted HDTV... the only thing that lets it down is the Kinect design itself.

Microsoft have basically assumed that you won't be wall mounting it so that big fat stupid stand which allows you to tilt the Kinect to the right angle cannot be removed.

If it could be removed then the mount could do the job of getting the right angle. It would make for a much more attractive installation.



Dazza commented on Review: Def Jam Rapstar (Xbox 360):

Apparently the patch isn't quite ready for Europe yet, but it should only be a matter of time I hear. Maybe give it another week then check again?



Dazza commented on Kinect Joy Ride's Shameful Auto-Steering Secre...:

Oh dear, that is a bit embarrassing! There is no question that the Kinect is a fantastic bit of tech, with great potential... but games such as this do not help it's cause.

I'm all for pushing the boundaries beyond virtual pets, fitness trainers and party & dancing games but this didn't impress me much at all. If you're not really in control then what is the point?



Dazza commented on No, Gears of War 3 is Not Coming to Kinect:

Pretty obvious really, seriously how would a game like Gears of War ever translate to Kinect?

The 'best' we could hope for would be a minigame where you had to punch and kick locusts off Dom! haha



Dazza commented on Talking Point: From 40 Buttons to None - Can S...:

I honestly don't know if this with work without that magical joystick contraption, but I will be interested to see it in action.

There better be a pretty sweet motion gesture to simulate the mighty eject switch!