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Sun 19th Dec 2010

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abINC4L commented on Kinect-Powered Dance Evolution Arcade Game On ...:

In terms of video gaming, Japan is still a pretty major region because videogames has a wide market over there. Sure DanceMasters is the best selling dance Kinect game but that's because it appeals more to an Asian audience, especially Japanese. I personally loved the dances of DanceMasters more than any other dance game because there was more variety and it actually looked like full routines. Wherever games are considered mass market, then there's a reason to try and appeal to them.



abINC4L commented on Talking Point: What's Kinect Doing Right or Wr...:

At first I did love the Kinect and bought it at launch and while being a dancer and learning some moves from Dance Central and DanceMasters, I kind of regret buying it now because my dad and brother hog it and tend to remove my 360 out of my room so they can play. As for functionality, all the games we have for it work really well. I do think if they had at least a better resolution camera (doesn't have to be HD) it would've improved it's censors.



abINC4L commented on Review: Child of Eden (Xbox 360):

I've played through the first 2 archives so far and I've really enjoyed it. I would stop after playing each level because of how sore my arm would get, lol. I like the gesture B setting better since it allowed me to use both arms for both firing types. I did have to repeat the 2nd level (3 times actually) but didn't really mind at all since "purifying" enemies while bouncing to some trippy music was really fun regardless of repeating the same level.



abINC4L commented on Review: Michael Jackson: The Experience (Xbox ...:

I have a question, know how the choreo is slow paced on the trailers and everything? Is that just a difficulty setting or how the game plays for every setting? That's the main thing holding me back because I don't want a slowed down version of MJ's dances, I want the full blast.



abINC4L commented on Kinect Input Lag Could Be Cut to Under 5 Milli...:

My Kinect has noticeable lag BUT the funny thing about it is that it's our TV's fault, not the Kinect because my dad for some strange reason didn't feel our perfectly fine 48" plasma TV wasn't good enough for games (or watching) and decided to buy a 60". He made a bad choice in brand because it made both playing games and watching TV worse. There was hardly any lag in the Kinect and now that and the Wii had lag and playing 3D Wii games were pixelated (like Sonic Colors) so UGH, especially playing Dance Central which I'm kind of fed up with right now because the game isn't reading my movements properly, which I still think is the TV's fault



abINC4L commented on Dr Kawashima’s Body and Brain Exercises:

I've read several reviews so far and they're been ranging from 50%-75%. It says the games work well and that they're pretty fun, but there's a severe lack of variety and many of the games feel similar and repetitive.

I'm not getting until like, I can get it used for cheap at Gamestop



abINC4L commented on Review: Dance Paradise (Xbox 360):

Lol, my brother yelled across the hallway saying "There's a new dance game coming out for Kinect!" And I yell back "Don't bother! It sucks." Thank goodness for the review on here.

Although I do want a Kinect title that doesn't wear me out



abINC4L commented on Michael Jackson Rocks With You in April:

Well for me, I still enjoy Dance Masters (since I still like that para para style) so as long as the controls don't suck, it should be a good game (plus I hope it is so my brother can chip in, haha).



abINC4L commented on Review: Sonic Free Riders (Xbox 360):

I got this game due to the review it got from IGN (7.5/10) and I actually like it. Although I'm still not confident taking on Grand Prix, the controls work pretty well and I have lots of fun racing. I do hate how easily you can drop places from one attack but yeah, I agree with IGN's rating.



abINC4L commented on Janet Jackson, Blur and Rihanna Come to Dance ...:

"Disturbia" isn't all that, well for a dancer but it is kind of fun although VERY tiring on your right arm, haha.

I LOVE "Control". It's hard at first but yeah, I really like the complicated intricate moves.