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Slice Zombies for Kinect is the ultimate Kinect experience for your Xbox One. Well, so the zombie apocalypse is long over and there are still thousands of zombies left. So what do we do with them now? It's easy! Step in front of your Kinect and use your hands to cut, grab and shoot zombies into little pieces. Unlock funny zombie types like exploding zombies or time travelling zombies or Evil Zevel, a zombie equipped with a rocket pack flying across your TV. Slice coins to unlock new items, backgrounds and walking hands that come with powerful special abilities.

- Cut and shoot zombie ragdolls into little pieces

- Grab zombies with one hand and slice them with the other

- Game progression with 21 levels and a built-in shop give you tons of replay value

- Unlock all cool items like new ribbons, backgrounds and zombies

- Awesome zombies like the time travelling zombie, Evil Zevel or the zombie bunny

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Posted by Ken Barnes

Quick chop

From Slice Zombies for Kinect's very title, you can pretty much predict what it's going to consist of. If you guessed "Fruit Ninja Kinect with zombies instead of fruit" then you're pretty much on the money. That isn't to belittle developer MADE's work...

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Slice or Die

One quick glance at Slice Zombies for Kinect and you might mistake it for another Kinect-only game about slicing fruit. Take another good, hard look however, and you'll eventually see a game that takes the usual slice-and-dice gameplay to a whole other level by adding a ton -- and we mean, a TON -- of chaos on screen. It's also one of...

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