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Discover the world’s next best game…or create it yourself! Project Spark unlocks imagination with a powerful yet simple way to build and play your own worlds, stories, and games and share them with the world. It’s the ultimate digital sandbox where you can create the kinds of games you’ve always dreamed of, play games created by a global community, and shape the future of how games are made.


  • A multitude of games are at your fingertips - everything from the multi-hour questing in Link’s Adventure to figuring out how to restore power in the puzzling Electron Flow. Hundreds of genres, new games and play mechanics are available for immediate and unlimited free access. Play them right now!
  • Live the epic tales of Spark and the Champions. Use Scarlett the Ranger and Karlsnor the Berserker for free, and level them up to unlock outrageous powers as they battle the wicked world-devouring Void and solve devious Kode Glitches to save the idyllic planet of Kora.


  • Stun the world with your very own game! Thought you could make it better? Had an idea you’ve never seen before? Quickly and easily turn your idea into a game with Create and Start from Scratch.
  • Change an entire game as you play! Have you ever wanted to change something about a game as you play it? Now you can with Crossroads! Change the whole game as you play, or just choose your own missions and objective and then take down the bad guys to save the day. Easily mix things up to make the adventure different every time!


  • Unlock new content simply and easily by playing and creating – there’s no requirement to pay!
  • Experience new characters, props, sounds, and environments, including arctic tundra, fearsome enemies, and even sci-fi worlds and characters, including a new alien species on a regular basis!


  • Play virtually unlimited games with direct access to tens of thousands of games created by a global community.
  • Remix games you download from the community to add your own touch or to use it as a foundation for your own creation!
  • Experience Champions Quest: Void Storm, the epic first episode of an ongoing campaign created by Team Dakota within Project Spark itself!
  • Pre-made “brains” make it easy to put behavior on virtually any object. Simply drop in the brain, and immediately play with it!
  • Create anything you can imagine with simple tools and a powerful, yet simple, visual programming language.
  • Earn experience and credits by playing and creating, providing access to new content and exclusive items!
  • Purchase “Spark Premium” for increased credit and experience earn rates!
  • Project Spark is available for Windows 8 and Xbox One, and seamlessly connects between the two platforms, so games created and played on one platform are available on the other.

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News: Project Spark Set to Close

Project Spark Set to Close

No spark of life...

In sad news from the developer Team Dakota, Project Spark is no more. As of yesterday, the game is no longer available for download from the Xbox Marketplace or the Windows Store, and the online services will be killed on the 12th of August this year. As the game went to a "free incubation model" last year (i.e. free to play),...

News: Project Spark to Ditch Microtransactions, Goes Completely Free-to-Use

Project Spark to Ditch Microtransactions, Goes Completely Free-to-Use

Creativity Unleashed

Team Dakota's videogame creation tool for Xbox One, Project Spark, is set to ditch micro transactions, therefore becoming completely free to use in October with several other major changes being made it. The revamp will include the following alterations: The maximum terrain limit in creations has been doubled The maximum prop...

News: Multiple Xbox One Digital Prices Inexplicably Cut in US

Multiple Xbox One Digital Prices Inexplicably Cut in US

Strange fruit

A batch of Xbox One titles have seen their digital prices cut in the US today, without any real rhyme or reason being announced by Microsoft. The likes of Dead Rising 3, Forza Horizon 2, Halo: The Master Chief Collection and Ryse have had ten bucks trimmed from their digital prices in the States only. Sunset Overdrive has been cut...

News: Project Spark Year One Edition Collates All Add-On Content For a Single Price

Project Spark Year One Edition Collates All Add-On Content For a Single Price

Good way to get started

Microsoft have confirmed that Project Spark, the free-to-use creation tool for Xbox One, is getting a content-packed Year One Edition bundle which will be released today. For $49.99 (or 5,000 Project Spark Tokens), the Year One Edition contains every single content pack released for Project Spark so far, with the exception...

News: Conker Returns Next Month in New Episodic Series for Project Spark

Conker Returns Next Month in New Episodic Series for Project Spark

Another bad fur day?

Everyone's favourite foul-mouthed cute little squirrel, Conker, is returning to Xbox in the form of an episodic series built and playable inside Project Spark on April 23rd. Titled Conker's Big Reunion, the new ongoing episodes series — developed by Project Spark developers Team Dakota — will take place ten years after the...

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