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The ninja are the most elite of warriors, exercising unparalleled skill, precision, and lethality for centuries. Only the most deadly candidates are given the rare and coveted opportunity to join the clan.

The final test of a ninja’s training is to face a true ninja master in combat. For years, Yaiba was that final ninja. But after suffering the indignity of serving a clan led by the weak-willed and spineless, he decided he had had enough. It only seemed natural to him that he should claim the spines they had no use for. Among his confederacy of cowards, the weakest of all in Yaiba’s eyes was the “legendary” Ryu Hayabusa.

Fifteen dead ninjas later and Yaiba found himself face-to-face with the straight-arrow poster boy. A vicious battle ensued and when the dust cleared, Ryu Hayabusa stood victorious — for the moment. But that’s only where the story begins…

What Hayabusa took from Yaiba with the Dragon Sword — his eye, arm, and life — technology restored. Due to the intervention of the mysterious benefactors, Yaiba reawakens as rage-filled as ever. Only now, a zombie outbreak threatens to plunge the world into darkness. Now literally and figuratively armed by cutting-edge technology, he’ll have to carve a path through legions of grotesque and deformed undead to reach Ryu Hayabusa. With Hayabusa racing against time to determine the source of the infection, Yaiba must leave his own parallel trail of destruction if he’s to exact his revenge.

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Posted by Wayne Davies

Stabs itself in the foot.

The modern-day Ninja Gaiden as a franchise has always been known for it's challenge, but it was always fair. It would throw obstacles at you that could be overcome through thought and tactical awareness. Yaiba: Ninja Gaiden Z however ignores this, going...

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Shiny trailer, too.

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