Here's What The First PS5 Reviews Are Saying About Sea Of Thieves

Well, the final entry in Xbox's new four-game-foray into PlayStation gaming is officially out now, with Sea Of Thieves releasing on PS5 today. It's been a long while since the game first came out on Xbox though, so what are the reviews saying about Rare's pirate adventure in 2024?

We've already heard that this new version's visuals might just pip the Xbox Series X|S release, but we're curious to see what PS5 players think about the game in general. So, here's a few early impressions of Sea of Thieves on PS5:

Push Square (9/10)

"Sea of Thieves is a blast when playing with friends. With its focus on cosmetic customisation, we slipped into the pirate’s life with ease – even after six years of updates and seasonal changes. Its natural and immersive approach to navigation makes it a seafaring sandbox well worth visiting, and a focus on cosmetics over high-tier loot make it a game you can play at your own pace.

It’s a delight to steadily come to grips with the mechanics of the game too, whether that be how to outmanoeuvre enemy ships or sell your loot with quickened efficiency. It might not have the same level of grind that a lot of players look for in a live service game, but there’s endless pirate fun to be had here, and we’re glad that PlayStation players finally have the opportunity to join in on the swashbuckling chaos."

Hobby Consolas (8.8/10)

"Not all treasures are made of gold and silver. Sea of Thieves lands on PlayStation 5, once again proving that this cooperative pirate adventure is the experience that many seek, but few find. It is not a perfect game, but its world and possibilities offer a journey that is as original as it is fun."

But Why Tho? (8/10)

"Sea of Thieves is a great game that offers a lot. Between the PvE elements, PvP chaos, story missions, added content, and the upcoming Season 12, there’s a ton to engage with. Playing solo may be a mixed experience, but when it clicked, there was so much to enjoy with your time on the sea. Hitting the high seas with a crew is a genuine blast, leading to absolute chaos in no time flat."

Vandal (8/10)

"Sea of Thieves is an excellent adventure to enjoy with friends and in certain aspects, it is one of a kind. Of course, it requires a specific profile of a player interested in enjoying the trip, with long-term dedication, interest in socializing or discovering the secrets of their islands."

At the time of writing, the game's PS5 Metacritic rating is trending quite a bit higher than its multiplatform score (85 vs. 69), suggesting that the 2024 edition of Rare's live service beast is quite an appealing one. Do bear in mind though, the PS5 version is based on just four reviews right now, so we'll be waiting to see what others think as more reviews roll in.

Are you going to ever try out Sea of Thieves on PS5? Let us know how you're finding the game these days down in the comments below!