Halo Infinite Finally Adds 'Multi-Team' Game Modes Into Online Matchmaking

Halo Infinite has evolved a lot since it came to Xbox back in 2021, particularly the multiplayer suite which has seen some major updates since launch. Until this point though, the series' mainstay 'Multi-Team' mode was completely absent from the game - a situation that's now been addressed.

As part of a new update, developer 343 Industries has added various Multi-Team game modes to the Halo Infinite 'Combat Workshop'. A selection of arena modes can now be played in a multi-team format, where "four teams clash head-to-head".

Multi-Team has featured in most mainline Halo games, so we're glad to see it return to Infinite in 2024. Developer-created content from 343 does seem to be drying up these days, but at least small updates like this — along with the ever-versatile Forge mode — are keeping the game alive.

Speaking of content drying up, last month the team dropped what appeared to be a 'summary' of sorts for Halo Infinite multiplayer - making us ask the question of what fans want to see next from the Halo team. So, where would you go with a sequel to Infinite?

Will you be jumping into some Halo Infinite Multi-Team? Tell us down below!