343 Adds 'COD Zombies Mode' Into Matchmaking On Halo Infinite

Core development on Halo Infinite seems to be wrapping up these days, but that isn't stopping some pretty amazing-looking Forge creations from being made. Earlier this month, 'The Forge Falcons' made a Call of Duty Zombies style mode in Halo Infinite - and now 343 has given the mode its own public matchmaking slot.

Live now for the next two weeks, players can experience the PvE 'Survive the Undead' mode in Halo Infinite. This is an endless, round-based survival mode just like its main inspiration is, and here's a bit more information on what Survive the Undead brings to the table:

"Survive the Undead meshes the Halo Firefight experience with the fan-favorite COD Zombies mode resulting in fast paced, intense, and sometimes spooky gameplay.

As we learned in Reach, the objective is to “survive,” and you want to do that by any means necessary. Earn points to buy upgrades, grab perks, or chance it all on a mystery box. Maybe it’ll help, maybe it’ll set you back—the thrill is in the risk!"

Now, we haven't had the chance to test this mode out yet at Pure Xbox HQ, but we have started to see some social media clips spread around - and they're seriously tempting us into giving Survive the Undead a go! Here's one of those clips, which also lists some of the mode's main features:

The fact that this contains nods to the classic CoD Zombies mode — including the Juggernaut perk and a Nacht Der Untoten map remake — is very cool indeed, and we're digging this crossover even if it's fan-created for now. Who knows though, maybe now that Xbox owns Call of Duty and Halo, we could see more of this sort of thing in the future? We'd be up for that!

What do you make of this? Pretty cool, right? Drop your thoughts on this new Forge creation down below.

[source halowaypoint.com]