Talking Point: If Halo Infinite Is Finished, Where Should The Franchise Go From Here?

It feels like a long time since we first started talking about Halo Infinite, doesn't it? That's probably because despite the game only launching in late 2021, Xbox actually unveiled Infinite during its E3 showcase in mid-2018 - more than three years before the game ever released. The thing is, we're now almost three years the other side of Infinite's launch, so we're starting to think about where the team might go next.

As its name perhaps suggests, we always thought Halo Infinite would end up being this long-term live service beast - think something like Destiny 2, where seven years in we're still getting major expansions. And, while 343 Industries hasn't officially announced that it's moving on just yet, the team has wound down development on seasonal updates, and a strange trailer from earlier this month suggested that 343 is perhaps satisfied with the game staying largely as it is in 2024.

So, with a long-term plan for Infinite seemingly non-existent (at least publicly), we're going to assume that the bigwigs over at Xbox and 343 are currently drafting up where to go next with Halo. The thing is, how do you follow-up something that's attached to the idea of being 'infinite', and how do you drastically improve on what's been quite a rough ride for the latest instalment of your most-famous IP?

Honestly, we don't envy those decision makers right now. Halo will always be big, it's earnt that right over the years, but all of a sudden it feels like the franchise is at yet another crossroads - despite being at one just under a decade ago when Halo 5 had shipped. And, with game development being ever more complicated these days, it feels like we probably won't see how 343 handles these crossroads for quite some time.

Talking Point: If Halo Infinite Is Finished, Where Should The Franchise Go From Here? 1

On a more positive note, we think that once a core concept has been figured out, the gameplay department is largely sorted. Despite the various bumps in the road with Infinite, there's no denying that it felt more Halo than any previous 343 release. Combat was absolutely on point, as was movement thanks to Chief's new gadgets - mainly the grappling hook of course. It's just a question of getting all the other bits right next time around.

Anyway, we're hoping that plenty of lessons have been learned during Halo Infinite's life cycle so far - a life cycle that isn't necessarily over despite our best guesses. Multiplayer has always been hella fun with Infinite, we just think that the overall product needs a bit more direction next time around. Will the next release be 'Halo 7'? Who knows, we just know that we'll always have time for Xbox's big green chief - even if his latest adventure wasn't always the smoothest ride.

Well, where do you think 343 should go next with Halo? Go ahead and give 'em your best ideas down below.