We feel a bit like we've woken up in a strange alternate universe this week with everything going on, and this morning, 343 Industries isn't helping us shake that feeling. The team has just dropped what feels like a launch trailer for Halo Infinite - two and a half years after the game's launch.

Okay, so, it's not really a launch trailer - more an overview of the game's multiplayer suite in mid-2024. They've labelled it an "extended multiplayer trailer " here, with a rather defiant 'This is Halo' tagline. Check the clip out up above, and we'll drop the team's trailer description down below.

"Experience Halo’s celebrated multiplayer reimagined and free-to-play! With over 70 maps in matchmaking, billions of customization configurations, and countless community Forge creations to experience, Halo Infinite is the franchise’s most expansive multiplayer offering to date."

Now, we're not sure of the purpose behind this trailer to be honest, but it at least does a pretty good job at showing how Halo Infinite has evolved over the years. There's absolutely tons of content crammed into this game's multiplayer nowadays, from the addition of Firefight to endless Forge mode creations led by the community and much more.

We heard earlier this year that 343 was transitioning away from 'Seasons' to 'Content Updates' - a hint that development was starting to wind down on Halo Infinite. If we were to hazard a guess, this new multiplayer trailer is another pointer towards the inevitable end of Halo Infinite's life cycle.

What do you make of this bizarre Halo Infinite trailer? Tell us what you think it means for the game down below.