Ubisoft Details How Skill-Based Matchmaking (SBMM) Works In XDefiant

Ubisoft's free-to-play shooter XDefiant is officially out now on Xbox, and with it being a competitive FPS, players are wondering how the developer has implemented skill-based matchmaking (SBMM) into the game.

The controversial SBMM feature is present in XDefiant, but it's easily avoided if you'd like a more casual experience on Xbox. Here's where SBMM is used at launch, and how to avoid the feature in XDefiant:

XDefiant SBMM Playlists On Xbox

During the game's launch window, or 'Preseason' as it's called, Ubisoft is using skill-based matchmaking in two different playlists.

One of those is the game's 'Welcome Playlist' (for players up to level 25), while SBMM is also active in 'Ranked (Trial Run)' modes at launch. Here's how the team describes these two playlists:

Welcome Playlist: "Learn to play XDefiant with other players under level 25. Skill-based matchmaking is ON for the introductory playlist."

Ranked (Trial Run): "Ranked mode is coming...

But you can try an early version now. 4v4 teams with competitive rules for competitive players."

XDefiant No SBMM Playlists On Xbox

If you want to avoid SBMM in XDefiant, you'll want to stick to the game's 'Unranked' playlist.

Unranked allows you to pick and choose what game modes you want to play, and whichever you select, there won't be any skill-based matchmaking involved.

Ubisoft Details How Skill-Based Matchmaking (SBMM) Works In XDefiant 1

This move is very welcome, as lots of modern shooters such as Call of Duty currently implement some form of SBMM across all game modes. The fact that Ubisoft is adding a no-SBMM option is a great move for those after a more casual, arcade shooter experience on Xbox.

Will XDefiant Get Rid Of SBMM Entirely?

While Ubisoft has been clear about ditching SBMM in Unranked XDefiant modes, the feature is still important for Ranked playlists.

Therefore, it's unlikely that SBMM will ever be fully removed from the game.

Ubisoft Details How Skill-Based Matchmaking (SBMM) Works In XDefiant 2

That's how things are shaping up at launch, then. We appreciate how open Ubisoft San Francisco has been about the controversial SBMM feature in XDefiant, and for now, it's pretty easy to avoid if you stick to standard Unranked matchmaking.

As for the gameplay itself, we're just getting stuck into this brand-new shooter on Xbox Series X right now, but you can expect some impressions on the launch version of XDefiant in the coming days.

Tell us your thoughts on XDefiant and its SBMM implementation down below!