Ubisoft Details XDefiant DLC Plan With 'No Pay To Win' Mantra

XDefiant launches for Xbox Series X|S this week, and ahead of release the team at Ubisoft San Francisco has explained how it will be tackling DLC content - with a very specific 'no pay-to-win' mantra.

Basically, all additional content for XDefiant that affects gameplay will be unlockable in one form or another. In some instances, the team will provide a paid option for those who'd like to fast-track progress, but Ubisoft is making a strong point that anything which is exclusively paid DLC won't affect gameplay and will be cosmetic-only.

Here's what the team had to say on the matter, providing an example as well:

No Pay to Win

We want to take this time to have an open conversation about the different types of purchasable content we will provide. But first, let's go over a major point:

- There are no pay-to-win mechanics - Any gameplay impacting content that is purchasable is also unlockable through challenges to ensure fair play amongst our community.

- For example, the DedSec faction in Preseason will be purchasable or unlockable through an in-game challenge by acquiring 700k XP.

Ubisoft goes on to mention that it will be "constantly evaluating" player feedback on things like unlock times and the type of content desired by the community, so you can expect things to change and evolve over time as XDefiant moves beyond its initial preseason phase.

That preseason arrives alongside the game on May 21st, with post-launch content seasons planned to drop every three months to begin with. We'll be keeping an eye on how XDefiant evolves, but clearly, Ubisoft is putting the community at the centre of its upcoming free-to-play shooter.

How does this all sit with you? Tell us what you make of Ubisoft's commitment to XDefiant down below.

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