Avowed Seems To Be The Latest Xbox Game Getting Support From Gears Dev The Coalition

Avowed is currently one of Xbox's big releases for this calendar year, but it seems that developer Obsidian is still working on some core elements of the game. Back in February, the team said it was "actively working" on improving first-person combat following its Xbox Dev Direct showcase, and a new rumour suggests the game is still getting Unreal Engine upgrades too.

As posted on Twitter by Windows Central's Jez Corden, Avowed has apparently moved to 'Unreal Engine 5.3' with support for new features - and Gears developer The Coalition is seemingly supporting the team's UE5 development as well.

If help from The Coalition sounds familiar, it's because the Gears team seems a dab hand at helping folks out with Unreal Engine development - with even UE5 creator Epic Games being beneficiaries of that with the Matrix Awakens tech demo. We've also heard directly from Matt Booty that the Gears dev has been assisting on State of Decay 3, so they certainly know their way around Unreal Engine at this point.

As for when we might next see Avowed in action, the Xbox Games Showcase in June seems a prime candidate. Nothing has been confirmed so far, but as far as we know Avowed is still aiming for a Fall 2024 release, so we're hoping to see more gameplay pretty soon.

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