Obsidian Entertainment has been showcasing lots of its upcoming RPG Avowed in recent weeks, and the feedback has been mixed so far. There's been positivity surrounding the game's improvement since its showing last summer, but complaints about combat are continuing to be raised - complaints that the developer is already addressing.

Speaking on an episode of the Dropped Frames podcast (thanks IGN), Avowed game director Carrie Patel said that it was "heartening" to see fans call out issues that the team is already working on improving as we head towards release.

"One of the heartening things has been seeing fans call out some of the things that we are actively working on, like the sense of hitting and impacts as you’re attacking enemies.

It’s like, ‘Yep, what you all saw was still a few weeks behind where we were even when that footage was released' just because of the nature of the way these things are put together, and the team’s been working on it."

As you can see there, these combat complaints are already being ironed out by the team, and they're hoping that by the time of release, combat will indeed feel more impactful in Avowed. It's interesting to see theses sorts of changes still being made when we're now in the final stretch of development.

Speaking of which, Xbox's first-person fantasy RPG is aiming for a Fall 2024 launch right now - as announced at the Developer Direct last month. Let's hope the team sticks to that window and we get to play Avowed later this year!

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