We can't say that Avowed's showing at Xbox Developer Direct was light in any way, but we were left wanting to see more of Obsidian's RPG after the show wrapped up - and the team has now delivered on that. As part of an extended gameplay breakdown with the Official Xbox Podcast team, the Avowed developer has showcased lots more of its upcoming Game Pass title.

In the video up above, you can check out plenty of new footage from Avowed's world — the 'Living Lands' — as the team explores, tackles quests and breaks down everything going on in this open world RPG. It's all looking pretty fantastic and we're looking forward to going hands-on with it later this year!

The Xbox Wire team has also translated a chunk of this discussion into written form, so if you don't have time to watch the video clip right now, do check out their latest blog post to catch some of the highlights. We definitely recommend the video version as well though, as there's lots of fresh gameplay in here that's well worth watching!

Is Avowed looking good right now? Tell us what you make of it down in the comments section.