State of Decay 3 Xbox

Somehow, it's been over two years since Undead Labs revealed State of Decay 3, and at the time of announcement, we saw no real gameplay on the title. Since then though, we have caught wind that the team is using Unreal Engine 5 to power its third SoD iteration, and a new interview confirms that fact.

Xbox's Matt Booty recently spoke on Major Nelson's podcast, talking about some of the titles in development at Xbox Game Studios. Booty confirmed that State of Decay 3 is using UE5, and that Gears of War developer The Coalition is helping out on some of the game's mechanics.

"So, you mentioned Undead Labs, they're working with The Coalition up in Vancouver, our Gears of War studio, using some of the technology around Unreal 5 and some of the stuff that's been in Gears of War before to bring that into State of Decay."

Gears of War has long been associated with Unreal Engine - after all, the series was born out of the same studio that develops the engine itself. That expertise seems to have carried over to The Coalition as well, with its stunning work on recent Gears titles. It's probably good news that some of their knowledge is being shared with Undead Labs then, especially if reports of SoD 3 development struggles are true.

Here's a timestamp of the State of Decay 3 discussion:

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