Talking Point: What Dream Reveal Would You Like To See At The Xbox Games Showcase 2024?

It's exciting and a bit scary to say that we're only two weeks away from the start of Summer Game Fest 2024, which includes the big Xbox Games Showcase on June 9th! As usual, we're expecting some major announcements this year.

If you listen to the rumour mill, we're hearing all kinds of things about the 2024 show already. A new game in the Gears of War series may be announced, lots of Call of Duty games may be coming to Xbox Game Pass (along with various other Activision Blizzard titles), and the likes of Perfect Dark and even DOOM could show up as well.

There's the obvious stuff too, such as a release date for Indiana Jones and the Great Circle, Avowed, Microsoft Flight Simulator 2024 and others, while the new Call of Duty seems to be getting a showcase of its own after the event.

But what else might we see at the Xbox Games Showcase 2024? There are always lots of surprises that we hadn't anticipated ahead of time, and so now seems like a good opportunity to question the Pure Xbox community on your dream reveals for the event. So, if you could just pick one or two things you'd love to see, what would they be?

Let us know your hopes and dreams for the showcase down below... feel free to get as wild as you like!

What dream reveal would you like to see at the Xbox Games Showcase 2024? Come and tell us...