Diablo 4 Adds Console Ray Tracing Ahead Of Xbox Game Pass Debut

Blizzard has detailed its big ray tracing update for Diablo 4, right on the eve of the title's Xbox Game Pass debut. Patch 1.3.5 "introduces Raytracing to all supported platforms", alongside a host of other graphical tweaks and improvements.

Ray traced shadows and reflections have been added here, alongside ambient occlusion improvements and changes to 'contact shadows'. You can check out these visual tweaks on the Blizzard website via some neat comparison gifs.

Diablo 4's new RT upgrades are applicable to Xbox Series X and PS5, although we haven't seen any specific mention of Xbox Series S yet. Given the demands of ray tracing and the digital console's history with the technology, we'd expect Series S to miss out on RT support - but we'd certainly like to see it.

On the consoles where RT is supported, you'll have to head to the options menu and apply 'Enhanced Visuals' under the Graphics tab to see these improvements. Beware though, making this change will lock the game to 30FPS on console.

Diablo 4 Update 1.3.5 Patch Notes


Patch 1.3.5. introduces Raytracing to all supported platforms and updates to Ambient Occlusion and Contact Shadows.


Fixed an issue where the Portal entrance to the Gauntlet didn't apply Portal cosmetics.

Fixed an issue where the ability to interact with certain things would not function if Corpse Tendrils was equipped to the same key binding as ‘Interact’.

Fixed an issue where some elites could not properly spawn in the second half of the Path of the Blind dungeon.

Fixed an issue where some headstone cosmetics would not appear in the Wardrobe.
Various performance, stability, and visual improvements.

Will you be checking out ray traced Diablo 4 on Xbox Game Pass? Tell us your hackin' n' slashin' plans down below.