Diablo 4 is here and it's breaking records already - proving to be Blizzard's biggest game launch ever and prompting a congratulations post from Xbox's Phil Spencer. Thankfully, the game seems to have the technical chops to go along with it, as showcased in a recent breakdown by Digital Foundry.

The tech experts have taken a good look at the new action RPG on most systems, including Xbox Series X and S - where the game seems to perform best on console. We're looking at a near-perfect 60FPS on both current-gen Xbox systems.

"Diablo 4 targets 60fps on ninth-gen consoles, and hits that target the vast majority of the time. Series S and X can drop a frame or two very occasionally during open-world traversal, but do stick to 60 otherwise."

In fact, the game on Xbox seems to have a slight advantage over the PS5 version when it comes to performance, although the difference appears pretty negligible overall.

"PS5 seems to lose frames a bit more often, with regular one-off dropped frames in the game's large Kyovashad city area. It's not a big deal in any event though."

When it comes to last-gen, unfortunately, we don't get a look at the Xbox One version in this analysis. DF does take a quick look at PS4 though, which runs at 30FPS with significant drops at certain stages. You can take a look at Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, PS5 and PS4 footage up above.

All in all, the game seems to run really well on modern consoles - which is nice to see given AAA gaming's recent record with day one releases like Star Wars Jedi: Survivor, The Lord of the Rings: Gollum and Redfall all plagued with major launch issues.

"The current-gen versions are in excellent condition, and the game feels remarkably polished even at launch. Diablo 4 is a very impressive effort, and a welcome change of pace from the glut of technically compromised releases we've seen in recent months."

If you've decided to pick up Diablo 4 during its rock-solid launch week, come tell us what you think of it via the link below!

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