Diablo IV got off to a strong start when it was originally released earlier this year - quickly becoming Blizzard's "fastest-selling game of all time" and biggest launch ever - bringing in more than 10 million players in the first month.

Since then, there have been some teething issues with the game's seasons and live-service, and now the company is looking to get things back on track with the announcement of a brand new expansion known Vessel of Hatred, coming in "late 2024".

This will continue the dark tale that began in the main game, bringing back players to learn about the fate of the prime evil Mephisto and his "demonic plans" for Sanctuary. Players will travel to the "lush jungles" known as Torajan (also a "fan favourite" from Diablo 2) and experience a class "never-before-seen" in the Diablo universe.

More details will be shared "next summer". In the meantime, players can look forward to "a lot more" in Season of Blood - with the team promising to deliver more end-game experiences as well as a holiday event 'Midwinter Blight'.

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