Windows Surface
Image: Microsoft

The Xbox rumours have been popping up repeatedly over the past few months and the latest one doing the rounds claims the Microsoft Surface team could be in charge of creating the next Xbox.

It turns out it's "not true" - with Windows Central's Jez Corden noting how the team behind a whole host of Windows devices has been assisting Xbox since the release of the 'Xbox One S' model, dating back to 2016.

Here's exactly what he had to say:

This follows rumours last week about Xbox potentially leaving the hardware business. This was also quickly ruled out, with reports Phil told the team there were no plans to stop making consoles. Xbox has also reportedly "greenlit several new hardware projects" and one seems like it could be a handheld console.

While there's no guarantee of a hardware update in Xbox's business podcast later this week, we may hear something sooner rather than later, according to The Verge's Tom Warren.

If we hear any other updates or developments about this story, we'll let you know.