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Image: Xbox

Following the latest update from Xbox about its upcoming podcast, The Verge's senior editor Tom Warren has now chimed in (again), with details about what can supposedly be expected.

Warren has been informed by a "source" that the first two Xbox titles releasing on "rival consoles" post-Activision Blizzard acquisition will be Tango Gameworks' Hi-Fi RUSH and Obsidian's Pentiment. Microsoft is reportedly planning to launch Rare's Sea Of Thieves on other platforms "later this year", and other "first-party titles" are also apparently being considered.

Warren goes on to note how this decision is not one Microsoft would take lightly and there are "plenty of risks" involved, but it could allow the tech giant's first-party titles to reach more players and potentially generate a lot more revenue. He adds how Microsoft might also need to tease more of its "future hardware vision", with previous reports suggesting an Xbox handheld was already in the works and "several new hardware projects" had been greenlit.

At an Xbox townhall last week, Phil Spencer, Matt Booty and Sarah Bond reassured employees Xbox hardware would continue. Warren adds to this, revealing how Microsoft "didn't directly address the elephant in the room" about Xbox exclusives coming to Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 5.

Once again, Microsoft's "Xbox business" update will take place later this week on Thursday in the form of a podcast:

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