Rumour: Microsoft Surface Team May Be In Charge Of Building The Next Xbox

Update [Tue 13th Feb, 2024 06:30 GMT]:

Windows Central's Jez Corden has chimed in on this latest rumour, claiming it's not true. You can learn more in our latest story:

Original article [Mon 12th Feb, 2024 11:00 GMT]:

We're all caught up in a mad swirl of Xbox rumours at the moment, especially as we await Microsoft's big update on the future of the platform moving forward. Perhaps unsurprisingly, another major rumour started doing the rounds on social media this weekend - one about who's in charge of building the next Xbox console.

According to Xbox Era, the Microsoft Surface team could be in charge of creating the next Xbox. If this is the case, that'd be instead of the Xbox Series X|S hardware team - a team that was headed up by Microsoft's Jason Ronald ahead of the current-gen launch back in 2020. Here's a clip of the Xbox Era crew discussing this rumour:

As is normally the case here, we'd recommend taking this rumour with a decent amount of salt. Ronald & co. seemed to do a great job with the Xbox Series X|S hardware lineup, and we can't see why a similar team wouldn't be working towards the next generation of Xbox.

There is one interesting wrinkle to all of this though. Another rumour started doing the rounds last week about a 'Switch-like' dockable handheld coming from Xbox - and that rumour also suggested that the Microsoft Surface team was in charge of creating this handheld device. Could this be the same console? Maybe, but we're still cautious about both of these rumours at the moment - and we wouldn't put much stock in them at present.

What we do know is that the future of Xbox is going to be very interesting indeed - and we're keen to hear from Phil Spencer & co. on where things are going moving forward.

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