Xbox Might Be Looking Into A Handheld Console As PlayStation Rumours Circulate

Thanks to a new 'PlayStation Vita 2' leak via YouTuber Moore's Law Is Dead, rumours that an Xbox handheld console could be in the works have now started to appear.

Outlet Insider Gaming reported on that initial 'Vita 2' leak, and Windows Central's Jez Corden has responded with an Xbox rumour of his own. Basically, Insider Gaming's Tom Henderson speculated that Xbox could be looking into handheld gaming too, given the popularity of the market - to which Corden responded with "they are."

In fact, the Windows Central reporter also claims that Xbox has "greenlit several new hardware projects" in recent weeks, although he didn't go on to specify what any of these hardware projects might be.

Given that Xbox console sales seem to be flatlining at the moment, it's a little surprising that Microsoft might be spinning up even more hardware. Or is it that surprising? Maybe Xbox wants to diversify and move away from traditional consoles!

Either way, for now this is all rumour and speculation, and these reported "hardware projects" may never see the light of day. We'll keep our fingers crossed though, as an Xbox handheld would be awesome!

What do you reckon to this? Will an Xbox handheld ever actually happen? Tell us what you think!