Here's What Might Be Leaving Xbox Game Pass In February 2024
Image: Atomic Heart

Update: Some departures are now starting to be revealed, so we'll keep updating the list below with any confirmations.

Original story: What's leaving Xbox Game Pass in February 2024? Well, Microsoft hasn't confirmed anything just yet, but based on some games that were added to the service this time last year, we can at least make a few predictions ahead of time.

We know that a lot of Xbox users want more advance notice of games leaving Xbox Game Pass, but Microsoft understandably gives us around two weeks right now - and don't forget, publishers sometimes secure late deals with Microsoft to keep their games on Game Pass, even after they've been announced to be leaving!

So, before we take a look at the following list of potential games leaving Xbox Game Pass in February 2024, we want to stress that nothing has been confirmed yet, and this will not be a 100% accurate list by any means. Some of these games might leave, some of these games might stay, and many others might be added to the list.

The most common (but definitely not the only) trend with Xbox Game Pass seems to be that games stick around for one year, so we've gone back to February 2023 to look at the games that were added to Game Pass at the time. That said, we've also added a few games from the February 2022 list as well. Based on those original announcements, here's what we think could potentially leave Xbox Game Pass in February 2024:

Date It Joined Xbox Game Pass Game Platform
February 3, 2022 Contrast (Seems unlikely?) Console, Cloud
February 24, 2022 Galactic Civilizations III (Leaving February 15, 2024) PC
February 2, 2023 Darkest Dungeon Console, PC, Cloud
February 7, 2023 Hot Wheels Unleashed Console, PC, Cloud
February 9, 2023 SD Gundam Battle Alliance Console, PC, Cloud
February 14, 2023 Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord Console, PC, Cloud
February 15, 2023 Cities: Skylines Remastered (Seems unlikely?) Series X, Series S, Cloud
February 16, 2023 Shadow Warrior 3: Definitive Edition Console, PC, Cloud
February 21, 2023 Atomic Heart Console, PC, Cloud
February 28, 2023 Merge & Blade Console, PC, Cloud
February 28, 2023 Soul Hackers 2 (Leaving February 29, 2024) Console, PC, Cloud

As is always the case, there could be plenty of additions to this list, and a few of these games might stick around for Xbox Game Pass for even longer, but it seems likely that we'll lose at least some of these in February 2024. Our predictions usually turn out to be anywhere from 30%-80% correct - you never just know how accurate they'll be.

Don't forget we've still got a busy January ahead for Xbox Game Pass as well, which includes some big arrivals in the coming weeks along with a few departures - four games will leave on the 15th, and another batch will leave on the 31st.

Which of these games do you think will leave Xbox Game Pass in February 2024? Tell us down below.