Right, let's kick off the Game Pass roundups for 2024, shall we? Firstly, we're taking a look at what's leaving Xbox Game Pass in the early part of January 2024, with the list including four games at the moment.

You may have noticed that GTA V is still appearing on the "Leaving Soon" list as well, despite being announced as leaving on December 31st. We're assuming it'll be removed very soon, but we'll let you know if something changes.

Update: It's now been confirmed that GTA V's departure was delayed slightly - it leaves on January 5th.

So, here's the short list of titles leaving Xbox Game Pass on January 15th, 2024:

Xbox Game Pass: Leaving Soon (January 15, 2024)

Date Game Platform
January 15 Garden Story Console, PC, Cloud
January 15 MotoGP 22 Console, PC, Cloud
January 15 Persona 3 Portable Console, PC, Cloud
January 15 Persona 4 Golden Console, PC, Cloud

As usual, all four of these games are available to purchase with a discount of at least 20% until January 15th, 2024. Don't forget that Persona 3 Reload is also arriving on Xbox Game Pass in exactly a month's time.

Although it's always sad to be losing games from Xbox Game Pass, we do have a very exciting year ahead for the service, including some major first-party releases! We've highlighted these in our big 2024 Game Pass roundup:

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