Starfield 'A Tremendous Hit' And One Of Xbox's Top 10 Most-Played Games, Says Phil Spencer
Image: CCXP on YouTube

Starfield is a purely single-player affair, but that doesn't seem to be stopping people from playing Bethesda's new RPG for months and months. Speaking in a new interview at Brazilian convention CCXP, Xbox boss Phil Spencer discussed Starfield and how the game has been performing so far.

First off, Phil says that the game "has now had over 12 million players since the launch", and he also says that it's remained a top-10 first party game in that timeframe too.

"Starfield has now had over 12 million players since the launch, and it still sits in our top-10 most-played games from our studios. So, thank you everybody for all the support on Starfield and making it a tremendous hit."

Of course, those 12 million players will include Xbox Game Pass users, but it's still an impressive number for a title that's only three months old. More content is on the way too, with Bethesda still putting around 250 employees on Starfield development while it works away on the game's 'Shattered Space' story expansion.

Bethesda Game Studios RPGs are certainly games that stick around for some time - you only have to look at Skyrim and its many releases for evidence of that. In fact, Phil was asked here about whether he thinks Starfield will stay relevant for a similar amount of time as Skyrim. Here's the boss's answer:

"That's our goal. You know, Skyrim is such an amazing hit from Bethesda Game Studios. And, talking to Todd Howard and the team really what they wanted to do is — people who love space and space exploration — give them that same opportunity.

So, a ton of confidence that for many many years Starfield will be sitting very high."

However this one pans out, it's good to see Starfield seemingly continuing Bethesda's trend of creating long-lasting experiences. Despite a recent drop to 'Mixed' user ratings on Steam, the game appears to be performing well for Xbox and Bethesda!

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