Bethesda Has Started Responding To Negative User Reviews Of Starfield

Last week, we spotted that Starfield had dropped down to a 'Mixed' user rating on Steam after spending a good while in the 'Mostly Positive' category - and it seems that some of the negative reviews have got Bethesda's attention.

Doing the rounds on social media are various Bethesda responses to Starfield reviews on Steam. Yep, it seems that the team has begun fighting against a selection of negative write-ups on the PC platform - and a few of the comments are a little strange.

Here's one example spotted by Twitter user JuiceHead, who's highlighted some of the more questionable portions of these responses:

Looking through the user reviews ourselves, we've noticed that a bunch of them have the exact same response copied over from Bethesda. For the most part, it goes over what the team was trying to achieve with Starfield, while also reassuring users that there's more to come from post-launch updates and changes.

Here's that repeated response:

"We are sorry to hear that you did not enjoy your time in Starfield. Our team is constantly working to ensure that Starfield is a fun and polished experience. You can take time to explore various planets for resources and items. You can also break the law by smuggling and selling contraband, Build your own Outposts and Starships and customize them to your enjoyment, Exploration and Roleplaying. There are many things to do and and explore. You can visit our Discord for further ideas from other players.

We are still actively working on this game and will be for a long time yet to come. To see the most recent updates, you can visit our official site. We want to make Starfield awesome for everyone who wants to venture out into it!"

This response has been submitted as recently as yesterday by the dev team, so Bethesda is still actively patrolling these reviews and responding where it deems fit. We're not sure what to make of all this to be honest - as long as things stay civil we don't have a problem with it, it just seems an odd way to respond to negative feedback!

Regardless, we have no doubt the team will continue with Starfield development for a long time to come. Right now, Bethesda Game Studios has roughly 250 people still working on post-launch support for Starfield, including the development of its 'Shattered Space' expansion.

What do you make of these Bethesda responses? Drop your thoughts on these developments down below.