By now we know that Starfield was a gargantuan development effort for everyone working on the game at Bethesda Game Studios - it took the team almost a decade to make this thing happen. However, we weren't aware of just how many folks are still working on the title after it's shipped! Thanks to a new interview with Wired, Todd Howard has provided a little insight into where the team is at right now.

Todd says that BGS has pockets of devs still working on games like Fallout 76, but the majority of the studio is still heads-down on Starfield development. Out of the roughly 450 team members, "about 250" of them are still working on Starfield - and we're assuming that a good chunk of the rest are developing The Elder Scrolls 6.

Of course, the team is still pumping out post-launch patches and updates so there's work to be done there, but we'd assume that most of these 250 devs are working on the game's big expansion. As part of the Starfield Premium Edition, the team revealed that the 'Shattered Space' story DLC is in the works for a post-launch release.

We have everything crossed for Shattered Space turning out to be one of those banger Bethesda expansions. Hopefully, such a DLC drop could help bump the game's Steam ratings back into the positive category.

Are you surprised that this many folks are still actively working on Starfield? Tell us your thoughts down below.