Xbox's Dynamic Background Collection Grows With New 'EA Sports WRC' Effort

EA is back again with another dynamic background for Xbox Series X|S - the company seems to be one of the biggest supporters of the feature so far! Following last week's UFC 5 addition comes a new effort for Codemasters' brand-new racer; EA Sports WRC.

As is becoming the norm, we'd like it if this one was a bit more 'dynamic', but it's one of the better options from Xbox's recent additions in that regard. Below is an example of the image used, with dust kicked up behind the car when applied as a dynamic background.

As big racing fans we've applied this one for now and it looks pretty good - so it's worth a try if this is your sort of thing! Anyway, we hope Xbox continues to add these at the rate it has been doing recently, and we hope to see some slightly more dynamic options too.

As for EA's new rally racer, if you fancy a whirl and you're an Xbox Game Pass Ultimate member, you can play five hours of EA Sports WRC now as part of your EA Play benefits.

Are you going to apply this new dynamic background? Got any favourites from the selection so far? Let us know!