Xbox's Latest Dynamic Background Arrives To Coincide With New EA Launch

Microsoft's dynamic background collection for Xbox Series X|S has been growing as of late, and publisher EA has just added another customisation option for current-gen Xbox players.

The company's latest iteration of UFC quietly arrived late last week, and to coincide with the game's launch, EA has dropped a UFC 5 background for Xbox consoles. Here's the new dynamic wallpaper in action:

We're not the biggest UFC fans here at Pure Xbox, but this background actually looks pretty cool as a general 'arena shot, live event' sort of vibe. We dig it, and the more options for this feature, the merrier!

Earlier this month, we got a brand-new Forza Motorsport dynamic background option, along with a Starfield one that arrived in late August - just ahead of Bethesda's big Xbox launch. Hopefully we get more first party options in the coming months!

What do you think to this new background? Are there any others you want to see Microsoft add? Let us know down below.