Final Fantasy XIV
Image: Square Enix

Square Enix and Xbox's partnership appears to be blossoming once again following the announcement earlier this year that Final Fantasy 14 Online would be coming to the green machine in Spring 2024.

At the time, Phil Spencer mentioned how Microsoft and Xbox would be "partnering closely" with Square Enix on future games, and now in a more recent interview with Famitsu, the Microsoft Gaming CEO has reiterated how Square Enix will be supporting Xbox with more games going forward.

This message was apparently a response to a question from Japanese fans - requesting more of Square Enix's titles on Xbox Game Pass. Phil also noted how more releases would require Microsoft to spend more time coordinating with Square Enix in the future.

Prior to the announcement of Final Fantasy 14 Online for Xbox, Phil admitted Xbox's relations with Square Enix needed some work after a number of key titles from the Japanese company skipped Xbox. Fortunately, relations do appear to be on the mend.

When Final Fantasy XIV Online does launch on Xbox next year, it will feature crossplay, 4K support, fast loading times, and also include an Expanded Free Trial. There's also a beta coming early next year. You can learn more in our previous coverage:

Are you excited about the idea of more Square Enix games on Xbox and Game Pass in the future? Will you be playing Final Fantasy 14 Online on Xbox? Tell us in the comments.