Square Enix Confirms Early 2024 Launch For Final Fantasy 14 Beta On Xbox

Ever since Phil Spencer & co. worked towards a much closer partnership with Japanese developer Square Enix, Xbox fans have been eagerly awaiting news on Final Fantasy 14 and its rollout on Xbox Series X and S. Well, Square Enix has narrowed down a release window for the MMORPG's upcoming open beta - ahead of the full Xbox launch.

Yep, the Xbox open beta for FF14 is coming very early in 2024. The team say you can expect to test the title out on Xbox between "mid-January to February" next year, and it'll be open to all Xbox Series X|S players as well.

For now, we don't have a date for the full launch - but we're expecting Final Fantasy 14 to hit Xbox shortly after its open beta test. The team still has a 'Spring 2024' launch planned for the full experience on Xbox platforms.

Speaking of which, the Xbox release will feature crossplay with all existing versions, 4K support on Xbox Series X, and fast loading times across both Xbox consoles. It'll also include an "Expanded Free Trial" featuring a large amount of content on day one.

Will you be getting stuck into this FF14 Xbox beta? Tell us your plans down in the comments below.