Xbox Fans Call On Microsoft To 'Pick Up' Troubled Star Wars: KOTOR Remake

If you've been following the progress (or lack thereof) on the Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic remake recently, you may have seen a few comments from journalist Jeff Grubb on the current state of the game's development.

Sadly, it's not good news. Speaking on a recent episode of the Giant Bomb "Game Mess Mornings" podcast, Grubb suggested that Sony appeared to be interested in pulling out of its (timed) partnership with the game:

"It seems deader than dog **** because that game feels like it cannot happen unless it has a partner like Sony, and because Sony seems to be out... with the big funding being pulled, it feels like it's done and there's no reason for anybody to be working on it."

"Now, the reality is that maybe someone, somewhere is still imagining that that game could happen, there could be someone still working on it, I don't know that far, I don't know what's happening inside Embracer."

As Grubb mentioned, it's entirely possible that the KOTOR remake could still be in the works over at Embracer, but following his comments about Sony potentially pulling out of the partnership, we've seen a lot of Xbox fans calling on Microsoft to pick up the project and turn it into some kind of Xbox deal instead.

Here are some examples:

Despite a lot of support being shown for the idea of Xbox partnering with a Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic remake, there are a lot of Xbox fans also arguing against the idea. Some are suggesting that Microsoft might have actually dodged a bullet with this project, and even if Microsoft wanted to put the likes of Obsidian on the KOTOR Remake, it's far from guaranteed that Embracer would be interested in making that happen.

It'll be fascinating to see how the story unravels from here, especially considering Embracer just recently laid off close to 1000 employees as part of a restructuring process. Does that mean the KOTOR remake could be finished for good? Let's hope not, but at least we've got the fantastic backwards compatible version to enjoy on Xbox as a fallback.

Would you like to see Xbox taking on the KOTOR remake? Let us know down in the comments below.