The Texas Chain Saw Massacre has revealed its first DLC map - coming to the game next week for absolutely free! Yep, 'Nancy's House' marks the first post-launch map for this Xbox Game Pass slasher, and subscribers can jump in and try to escape the madness on November 28th.

There are a couple of new characters coming on that date too. For those trying to get out of dodge, Danny is arriving as a new 'Victim' character, and if you'd rather do the chasing than the escaping, you can pick up new 'Family Member' character Nancy and preside over your new residence later this month. While the map is free, both characters are premium DLC - costing players $9.99 each.

We don't know the full details of it yet, but Gun Interactive has also committed to a substantial patch drop alongside these DLC items. The update is set to feature "over 250 fixes", so be on the lookout for the team's patch notes in the coming days!

Do you think you'll jump back into The Texas Chain Saw Massacre when this new map arrives? Drop your best escape routes down in the comments section below.