It's been a busy day for Starfield! Bethesda has revealed some of the massive new features heading to the game's new update on May 15th across Xbox and PC - but we've also got a very small teaser of what's to come beyond that.

At the end of the May Update video you see above, Starfield's Lead Creative Producer reveals that the game's first Land Vehicle is currently in development, and there's also a short clip of a developer driving it around on a planet.

There's no word on when we're likely to see this Land Vehicle added into the game, but clearly Bethesda is making good progress on it, so fingers crossed it'll be sooner rather than later! Maybe we'll get a few more in the future as well...

As for the rest of the features on the horizon, not much has been said today beyond the Land Vehicle, official mod support and the Shattered Space expansion. In the meantime, there's plenty to get stuck into with May's huge update!

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