'The Finals' Had An Extremely Successful Beta Ahead Of Its Full Free-To-Play Launch On Xbox

The Finals' open beta has now officially wrapped up, and it looks like it's been a very successful week or so for the team at Embark Studios. After a bumpy first day or two while the team smoothed over some launch issues, the open beta managed to bring in 7.5 million players while it was live on Xbox, PlayStation and PC. Impressive stuff!

As a result, the team says it was "an unforgettable week", and has now committed to getting its chaotic, destruction-filled FPS ready for its full release.

For now, we don't know when that full release will land, but from a technical perspective this beta seemed very far along. We had no real issues running it on Xbox Series X|S, and it looked and played rather impressively for a beta, all things considered.

It actually reminded us a lot of Ubisoft's own free-to-play shooter XDefiant, which is also in launch limbo as the team figures out how to bring it to market. Hopefully, we'll have two new FPS titles to enjoy on Xbox very soon!

Did you play The Finals' beta? What did you make of it? Tell us if you're looking forward to the full release down below.